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Unpacking The Customer- Past, Present & Future

The Customer Analytics module of Comsense’s Strategic Solution provides a wealth of predictive modelling, along with statistical and analytic algorithm capabilities. These capabilities turn customer data into insights and predictions.

For instance, predictive models can be used to determine the likelihood of a future customer purchase or a customer leaving based on factors, such as age, browsing, and transaction history.

Customer Analytics empowers marketers and business leaders to take decisions that optimize customer interactions and experiences, increase revenue through 'fact driven' targeting, as well as help retain customers.

Predictive & Analytic Capabilities

The Predictive Customer Analytics module of Comsense’s strategic solution has the capabilities to provide insights and recommendations from a variety of marketing lenses and perspectives, which help understand the customer’s mind and behavior.

These capabilities include

Segmentation Analytics

The analysis of behavior e.g. preferred channel, within a dynamic segment for understanding preferences

Churn Analytics (Retention)

Identifying which customers are at risk of leaving, who might stay and what can be done to retain them

Acquisition Analytics

Understanding which prospects and customers are the most likely to purchase product and services

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Analytics

Classifying customers on the basis of their likely journey and life time value

Price Sensitivity Analytics

Analyzing how pricing will affect the volume of sales based on purchases, demand and other indicators

Sentiment Analytics

Analyzing customer-generated content from social media to understand customer attitudes

Up-sell/cross-sell Analytics

Making targeted recommendations based on insight as to what would interest a customer further

Campaign Response Analytics

Determining which customers are most likely to respond positively to a marketing campaign.

Market Basket Analytics

Analyzing sales and online browsing behavior to identify product sales patterns and promotion responses

Product Affinity Analytics

Identifying products that have a high probability of being purchased together or by the same person

Within Comsense's strategic solution are various models that can be deployed directly at the point of interaction or point of contact. The models can also be deployed to interact with IBM and other marketing systems, outbound marketing, and digital channels.

The overall goal of Comsense's strategic solution is to maximize every interaction with the customer, regardless of where and how the communicating comes from.

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