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Shooting In The Dark

Up until now it has been difficult for business leaders and marketers to get a good view and predictable understanding of the customer’s mindset. Most of the customer data from her digital activity was inaccessible or incomprehensible.

Consequently, it was virtually impossible to target the customer with offers or communications that would engage or interest her.

Turn On The Light

Comsense's AI driven Strategic Customer Engagement Solution gives business leaders and marketers an unparalleled view and an unprecedented understanding of the customer, along with the capability to target customers with personalized offers and campaigns.


Predictive Modelling and Analytical algorithm capabilities, providing rich predictive insights and prioritized recommendations


Rich visualizations of Customer Journey - from Cradle to Grave


Real time Decision-Making Capability based on Truth

Comsense's AI driven Strategic Solution is not just for outbound marketing campaigns or for customer segmentation. It supports the complete customer life time value journey and enhances the customer experience and customer engagement.

Customer In The Center: Single View

Comsense's AI driven Strategic Customer Engagement Solution gathers customer data from diverse data types - structured and unstructured - and from diverse sources and brings them together in an intelligent shape. It allows business leaders and marketers to provide a single view of customer activity, transactions and social media content. This view of the customer creates the foundation for analyzing customer behavior and so, builds an accurate picture of the customer's mindset.


Answers At Breath Taking Speed

Marketers and business leaders can interrogate and query Comsense's Customer Engagement Solution to get a dynamic and comprehensive view and understanding of the customer. They can use this understanding to make crucial offers and campaign decisions.


Vivid Visualizations Of Truth

Customer analytics have been notorious for being difficult to comprehend and use. Comsense's solution creates views, insights and recommendations that are presented to marketers and managers through attractive and easy-to-absorb visualizations.

Business leaders and managers have their sights on the critical customer intelligence and truth, anytime, anywhere.

Comsense's solution integrates with various sought-after marketing solutions such as IBM Watson and Salesforce, to create running, cross-channel campaigns.


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